Marlee. 20. Sydney
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Anonymous asked:
alice glasss

u must be someone I know tellin me what i wanna hear

Tell me what celebrity i look like 
n don’t say jack black I already got that 


this phone fukin sucks


Louise Bourgeois and Tracey Emin: Do Not Abandon Me


i found a 200 dollar laser clinics Australia voucher my sister gave me a while ago while i was tidying my room and as a lady who takes much joy out of rubbing soap on her pits in the shower i don’t think i really want/need it. 
it’s good for all things like laser hair removal, fillers, dermabrasions etc etc but it’s only redeemable at the clinic on Pitt st in the Sydney CBD. 
My installment for my vet bill for my kitty’s surgery/vaccinations was declined and I need to pay them asap so if you want 200 dollars worth of pampering for 50 bucks and you live in Sydney message me here ^.^ ^.^ 


Shiro Kuramata, Issey Miyake Mens Boutique, 1984